Campsite fees for overnight campers


Fee structure for Victorian State Park Campsites, including the GSWW.

From the 1st of July 2014, a new fee structure was introduced for Victoria's State Park campsites. The new fee arrangements are mandated by the Victorian Government as a "user pays" system.  

This means an increase for some camping areas that already had a charge and a new levy for others that were previously free, including the Great South West Walk.

 NB, The campsites fees are levied on a per person, per night.  Also 2 campsites, Cubby's and Tarragal, are not eligible for fee collection.  These two campsites require a booking to be made, but no fee is payable at this stage.      

Booking and payment for all GSWW campsites, is now to be done online via the Parks Victoria website - 

Link to booking site  for availability and further information.


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