Volunteers in action

The maintenance and construction volunteer group is capably led by Gordon Page who has been in this role for more than 18 years and through his amazing commitment, has become a “master track builder”.

Many other volunteers both past and present have made massive contributions towards the ongoing maintenance, however we would like to acknowledge the the long standing and dedicated contributions of a just a few of our current volunteers who have exceeded 20 years of selfless service, so that others may enjoy the many delights that the Walk has to offer.

In no particular order, Graeme Hume, Frank Coulson, Bill Golding and Gordon along with many others are probably somewhere, as you are reading this, mowing, digging, building or planning their next challenge.

Some of these “characters” are featured in the above candid pics of the “Works Crew” in action.

Another crew led by Gordon; this time the erection of a bridge over a creek near Battersby’s.

The original board walk went very close to the edge of the Glenelg and was often under water.

The pics below are sequential and will give you some appreciation of the scope of work that is carried out by a very dedicated section of the friends group.

The structure was built over a 2 day weekend in June.                                                                          Congratulations and well done to all those who gave up some time and pitched in.