Cape Nelson Lighthouse

The Great South West Walk passes beside and continues on through the grounds of the historic light station of Cape Nelson. This lighthouse is currently undergoing a significant upgrade to both the external structure and internal access.  When open it provides an excellent vantage point for viewing the rugged coast and headland that it is sited on.

It is possible during the whale migration season (late summer to winter) to observe these creatures as they feed in the nutrient rich waters created by the Bonney Upwelling. The world’s largest mammal, the Blue Whale, can be spotted from this location using only the naked eye. This is mainly due to the massive volume of spray created by the animal as it expels air prior to surfacing.

Cape Nelson, not to be confused with the township of Nelson (refer to map), is now offering accommodation for guests. It also has a very charming cafe which serves meals, excellent coffee and drinks. Tours of the lighthouse are not currently available.

The lighthouse celebrated its 125th anniversary in July 2009.

The 2010 movie South Solitary was filmed on location at Cape Nelson.

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