Planning your Walk

Walker’s overnight campsites are located every 10-20 kilometres along the walk. Fees and bookings are now required for the designated GSWW campsites.

Further information can be obtained by contacting our walker liaison co-ordinator (see Contact Us) during your planning or prior to your arrival.

All 14 campsites now have a new shelter (see at right), most have a fireplace with a grate and all have a table, pit toilet and a tank for fresh water supply.

Firewood is very scarce along the coast, so a gas or fuel stove should be carried.

The GSWW overnight campsites can be easily identified by referring to the map.

An important safety measure is to fill out each campsite logbook and upload the Vic Emergency app onto your phone.

Shelter at the Springs Campsite

The ‘Great South West Walk Guidebook’ (at right) and other publications and maps can be purchased online through our shop.

Parks Victoria campsites that are located along the Glenelg River in the Lower Glenelg NP, at Nelson and also Lake Monibeong are for the general public and may be used by walkers.

However, these sites are busy during the holiday periods and would need advance booking. Camping fees apply for these sites.

WARNING – Water is stored at the campsites in tanks. However, the stored water cannot be guaranteed safe to drink, as there are numerous ways that it can become contaminated. Drinking untreated water such as creek water, bore water or sometimes even rainwater, can lead to illnesses such as gastroenteritis and diarrhoea.

Signs have been placed at each site stating – ‘Untreated rainwater. Do not drink‘ These signs have been required by the land managers and are in common usage throughout the state of Victoria.

Walkers should always carry sufficient drinking water and have the knowledge or means to treat the stored water. See Water – Make it Safe to Drink

WARNING – Walking along Discovery Bay requires planning and preparation.

Ensure you have plenty of time, that it is a low outgoing tide for easier walking along the damp sand, that you are carrying water, the weather conditions are reasonable, you are appropriately dressed and equipped.  You may experience extremely hot weather on parts of the walk when there is no shade or extremely cold wind when there is no shelter.   Tides information is here.

Campsite Booking – online only