Track Sections

There are 14 campsites, 12 of which can be booked and reserved, with just two being walk in only. You can book campsites along the Great South West Walk online via the Parks Victoria website.

The sequence of campsites are Cubbys, Cut Out, Cobboboonee, Fitzroy, Moleside, Battersbys, Pattersons, Simsons, Lake Monibeong, Swan Lake, Tarragal, The Springs, Trewalla and Mallee.

It is recommended to tackle the entire hike in an anti-clockwise direction over a period of 16 days. 

A great resource for all walkers is the 2020 First Edition Guidebook.

This book contains everything you need to enjoy the hike-

  • what to expect
  • easy to use maps
  • detailed track notes
  • a field guide to plants and animals
  • fascinating history and geology

You can purchase the Great South West Walk Guidebook from our online shop.

Other Track Notes are accessible on the Green Trails website.